LoL – Patch notes 3.12. Μια πρώτη ματιά.

Maps & Game Modes

Summoner’s Rift

Context: Turns out towers have some pretty complex mechanics! Instead of forcing players to earn cryptography degrees to figure them out, we decided it might be best to add items to towers that explain their nuances.

 Towers now have an item inventory that can be seen by clicking on them (no changes to how towers actually work). Each item in the inventory explains a specific tower mechanic.


  Καμία ουσιαστική αλλαγή στα towers. Απλά έβαλαν item ώστε να μπορεί ο καθένας να δεί τι ιδιότητες έχουν (το να βλέπουν Invisible units, να παίρνουν extra armor όταν δεν βρίσκονται αντίπαλα minions κοντά και διάφορα άλλα)



Twisted Treeline and Crystal Scar


Moonflair Spellblade

Total cost increased to 2600 gold (from 2300)

Tenacity effect is no longer ranged only


ΘΕΛΟΥΝ ντέ και καλά να κάνουν το spellblade, fotm. Θέλουν. Το προσπαθούν εδώ και πολλά πολλά patch χωρίς ιδιαίτερη επιτυχία. Για το dominion δεν ξέρω.. αλλα για τα υπόλοιπα..



Intervention cooldown increased to 100/90/80 seconds (from 90/75/60)


Nerf στην ulti. Δε χρειάζεται περιγραφή. Χρειαζόταν για αυτά τα maps.


Twisted Treeline



Noxious Blast movement speed boost reduced to 16/17/18/19/20% (from 15/17.5/20/22.5/25%)

Twin Fang ability power ratio reduced to 45% (from 55%)


Nerf. Οι AP laners πρέπει να βρούν κάτι άλλο να abusάρουν.



Wild Growth cooldown increased to120/110/100 (from 110/95/80 seconds)


Nerf. Κανένα νόημα. No one cares about lulu στις 3δες.



Spinning Slash cooldown increased to 15/14/13/12/11 seconds (from 13/12/11/10/9)

         Undying Rage cooldown increased to 120/110/100 seconds (from 110/100/90)


Nerf που το χρειαζόταν επειγόντως. Όσο και να νερφάρουν αυτή την αηδία όμως, μια ζωή firstban θα τον έχω στις 3δες.



Stoneskin armor and magic resist boost reduced to 2/4/6 (from 4/6/8)

Cyclone cooldown increased to 120/110/100 seconds (from 120/105/90)


Μικρόnerf. Χρειαζόταν. Cooldown related όπως σχεδόν τα πάντα στο TT. Γενικά ο wukong είναι απο τα πλέον δυνατά picks. Ήθελε λίγο πείραγμα.


League System

Added notification icons in the profile that show players the number of team wins they need to claim season rewards if they’re below the threshold


Πλέον θα είναι ορατό το αν κάποιος παίρνει τα rewards από ένα team και πόσα wins θέλει ακόμα.


Revamped Trade System


Summary: We’ve rebuilt the champion trade system to be more reliable when attempting a trade and more informative when you cannot complete a trade.

Simultaneous trade actions will be resolved automatically without breaking your trades

Clearer Messaging:

<Player 1> is busy trading. Try again when their trade is complete.

<Player 1> has declined your trade request.

<Player 1> has canceled the trade.

<Player 1> no longer has the champion you wanted. Try trading again.

You will no longer be able to request a trade with a player who doesn’t own your champion

Bug Fixes

The following bugs with the trade system have been fixed:

Friends list not updating friend’s current champion after a trade

Players rerolling during a trade and then giving one player a different champion than they expect

Trade icon not appearing after refusal of trade request

Client denying a trade request

Trade system displaying the wrong champion

Simultaneous trade requests causing trades to lock and become unavailable

Trade window would not time out for either player, leaving those two players unable to trade with anyone else


Καλύτερο trade system. Yey!


In-Game Options Menu


Summary: The in-game options menu has been rebuilt to be more responsive and intuitive. Keybinds are now organized in a graphical layout by action – after clicking the square you can hit any key to bind the action to it. We’ve renamed “Smart Cast” to “Quick Cast” for clarity purposes, and you can turn Quick Cast on for each hotkey with a simple toggle. Additionally, a few game-affecting options (volume, HUD scale, chat scale, etc) will preview their changes without having to save your changes, and the time to switch resolutions or to window modes has been drastically reduced. Finally, we’ve added an option to disable camera movement on revive (under the game section).

Reorganized the menus for clearer navigation

Changes are preserved across pages until you hit OK

Restore now defaults to a per-screen basis so you don’t clear all of your settings at once

You can now scroll through the menu with your mouse wheel


“Smart Cast” has been renamed “Quick Cast”

It is now faster and easier to rebind your primary keys and turn Quick Cast on and off for each of them.


Several options such as Sound Volume, Hud Scale, and Chat Scale will preview their changes without having to save your option changes.

An option to disable camera movement on revive has been added to the Game section

The “More Options” section has been removed and its contents have been re-organized into other, more appropriate sections


A new slider has been added to adjust all video and graphical settings to an overall quality level

The time required to switch resolutions or window modes has been drastically reduced.


Γενικότερες αλλαγές στα menu και στα setting. Πιο γρήγορη εφαρμογή για τα smart-cast (πλέον Quick Cast) και πιο απλοποιημένα video settings (δεν με ψήνει καθόλου).

Επιτέλους στις περισσότερες επιλογές έχουν preview ώστε να μη χρειάζεται να κάνουμε save/test/options/πείραγμα/save/test και ούτω καθ’εξής.



Spirit Guard Udyr

Added extra VO lines triggered by interactions with specific champions


Τα πιο useless 1920 rp που έχω δώσει.


Αυτά τα όμορφα. Για ενστάσεις, διαφωνίες, κάτι που μου ξέφυγε ή δεν κατάλαβα καλα, feel free να αναφέρετε οτιδήποτε στα comments.